• static directory names “staticsite”
  • add
  • add reset_test_data_db(for PostgreSQL)
  • import pytz for UTC time translation
  • import suds for Webservice interacting


  • add authentication function for download file
  • import scss
  • consider PostgreSQL default run on read commited mode
  • add a Default BaseModel
  • just show the root url of ho600_lib
  • add a js function of converting tastypie-datetime
  • make autoreload in uwsgi mode
  • change trunk/ to trunk/
  • add a LoadAfterAppSettings class but put two variables: DEBUG and DATABASES of in the beginning side of trunk/
  • static => staticsite
  • change default database system from mysql to PostgreSQL


  • auto append from INSTALLED_APPS.settings.MEDIA_BUNDLES
  • ROOT.local_settings should be loaded in the last;
  • updating depending libs on django-tastypie
  • refactoring loading google hosting libs
  • add collectstatic command in bin/
  • set absolute path for mediagenerator-static
  • use jQuery plugin style to set custom library
  • import ho600-django-gae-federated-auth lib


  • import django-compressor
  • add bugrecord feature: record any bug report in Production Environment


  • add “downloads” and “copies” in depends_modules.conf
  • import django-guardian and django-debug-toolbar library
  • modify “ho600_lib.get_template_by_site_and_lang” to change template finding flow
  • add “ho600_lib.static” and “” function in ho600_lib/ for url discovering in templates
  • add “ho600_lib.get_site_from_settings” to get the SITE is user browsing
  • add “bin/” to automatically generating sphinx-document
  • add “bin/” to convert code(ex, “u65b0”) to “新”, for example
  • add taiwan post code data(臺灣地區郵遞區號前3碼一覽表_9912.xls, 2011/8/15 version) in taiwan_postcode.json
  • add a PostCode Model


  • include mimeparse-0.1.3 lib in asset/ directly
  • include python-dateutil-1.5 lib in asset/ directly
  • add context processor: ho600_lib.context_processors.settings
  • add template tags: ho600_lib.templatetags.ho600_lib_tags.use_jqueryui
  • add settings.ANOTHER_DEPENDS_MODULES to copy modules that were needed but not in settings.INSTALLED_APPS
  • use settings.SDK_MODE to find out the execute environment right now
  • recursively load and in modules
  • insert path to sys.path once


  • also delete the top directory of depends moduels


  • bin/before_programming is renamed to bin/prepare_programming.
  • can copy multi-hierarchy modules.


  • bin/ and bin/ are both working.
  • Directory layout is stable.

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